Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bristol Palin Opened Up a Public Relations Firm

I'm serious. I am not joking at all.

In case you didn't hear, Bristol Palin, daughter of ex-gov of Alaska and ex-GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin, opened up a PR firm. Bristol is currently an "ambassador" for the Candie's Foundation, a pro-abstinence group. That'd be like the organization the Partnership for a Drug Free America hiring Amy Winehouse as a spokesperson.

In other news that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, Meghan McCain opened up a gateway to an alternate universe where her father won the presidency and Liz Cheney opened up for the Rolling Stones.

Bristol working for a pro-abstinence group is like...[fill in the blank by adding a comment below].


  1. ...Sarah Palin finishing a job she was elected to.

  2. dane cook being funny.

  3. Tom Hicks giving a seminar on how to run a baseball franchise.