Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chuck Norris Throws Hat in Ring for President of Texas

Chuck Norris, the mustachioed martial arts actor, has announced that he's ready to be president. President of Texas that is, after Texas secedes from the the Union. Mainstream news outlets have picked up the story thankfully. I write "thankfully" because now maybe Norris will finally be revealed to be the weirdo, extremist, non-mainstream, dangerous publicity hound that he is. Maybe Norris is starting to believe the jokes made about him (click here and look at the right side for the Chuck Norris jokes I'm referring to). Maybe Norris is starting believe his roles in "Delta Force" and "Walker Texas Ranger" were real and not fiction, and bad fiction at that. Is it "American" or patriotic to advocate, hint or even joke about the idea of Texas and other states seceding from the Union because certain people, like Norris, disagree with what our leaders in Washington, D.C. are doing, leaders that were elected in fair elections? Norris seems to think it is. Scary.

Also, I hesitantly put this question forward, is it not treason to call for armed revolution against the USA and/or the secession of a state? This question needs to at least be asked. Norris seems to believe that there are right wing cells poised for armed revolution. What would the response have been had a left wing extremist advocated armed revolution/secession during George W. Bush's presidency?

Lastly, as a Texan this is embarrassing to say the least. Not all Texans are extremist, ultra-conservative, secessionist, "if-things-don't-go-our-way-in-an-election-we-threaten-armed-revolution" inciters. I'd also like to point out that Norris was born in Oklahoma not Texas. So if he wants to spout nonsensical drivel about leading a state in seceding from the USA he should go back to and talk about his home state of Oklahoma.

But, we can add him to the list of political types that unfortunately claim an association/allegiance to Texas:

Tom Delay
Dick Armey
Karl Rove
Dick Cheney*
George H.W. Bush*
George W. Bush*
and now...
Chuck Norris*

(*off the top of my head not born in Texas)

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