Saturday, November 1, 2008

McCain on War

Or, alternate title, USA, love it or leave it

McCain continues to speak of "winning" the war in Iraq. What "winning" means to McCain has not been explained by him or his campaign, he just says he knows how to "win" and he'll bring the troops home after we have "won" the Iraq war. I'm not even going to go into the whole, "Mission Accomplished" speech by W. years and years ago on the aircraft carrier which seemed to be a declaration of victory, or that W. and McCain predicted we'd go in, be greeted as liberators and then get out. Or that the case made for war, WMD's, was misrepresented to Congress and the American public. Let's just look at just some facets of McCain's views on war generally.

Read the below article for some insight into what McCain's idea of winning a war might mean.

The McCain idea of winning a war is outdated and inapplicable in Iraq, outdated because we have not employed such tactics as described by him since arguably Korea but definitely not since WWII and inapplicable because the current Republican administration is already in talks to withdraw from Iraq, a withdraw that is eerily similar to what Obama has been advocating for 20 months. So again, what does McCain mean when he says he is going to "win" the war in Iraq?

Lastly, McCain's disregard for dissent at home with U.S. foreign policy, especially regarding the use of force abroad, is alarming to say the least. McCain seems to think that domestic disagreement with a war is "irresponsible," and no constraints should be placed on how the war is prosecuted. What is alarming is McCain's lack of respect for "irresponsible," disagreement at home. Domestic public discourse regarding the validity and execution of armed conflict being termed irresponsible is fundamentally contrary our rights of freedom of expression. McCain apparently would disagree.

Side note: Palin was prank called by two French-Canadian radio dj's, one of the dj's pretended to be French President Sarkozy. Who is running Palin's staff? This was not Palin's fault. But it's further proof that this campaign is not being run very smoothly.

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